Flight of EOS1 (Edge of Space 1), a high altitude balloon project

In August 2015 we launched a high altitude (aka stratosphere) balloon. It was not really rocket related but definitively space related. We got got some fantastic footage. The probe attached to the balloon was equipped with (inside a Styrofoam box).

– Raspberry PI connected to a small GPS-Module (uBlox), telemetry transmitter (434 MHz) which sends position, sensor data and low-res live pictures to ground stations (Fix and chasing cars) and from there to the internet
– Backup GPS tracker via GSM
– Various sensors (Temp, pressure etc)
– GoPro Camera
– Raspberry cam which sends a live stream via telemetry link to the internet
– Backup position link via GlobalStar satellites (independent of GSM and telemetry downlink)

  • Probe carried by a latex-balloon with 5 m3 Helium
  • Heidi and Peter as passengers in their capsule
  • Powered by 2 Lithium powerpacks good for 8h for all devices

Tracking via SDR (Software defined Radio, USB-Dongle and HackRF)

The flight path over Switzerland

Which mountains do you see on the video? Here a panorama view with explanations.

Take a seat and enjoy a ride over Switzerland in 25 km altitude! Local Video in HD (no audio for no apparent reason 🙁 ):

Video on Youtube (not available in every country) and Facebook: