Swiss Propulsion Laboratory SPL GmbH

Our Vision

“The dreams from yesterday are the hopes from today and the reality from tomorrow.”
Robert H. Goddard, pioneer

We see a low cost access to space for science and economy as a key to success for an innovative and competitive society. So, the goal of the Swiss Propulsion Laboratory (SPL) is to develop and test low cost and reliable propulsion components for small- and middle-sized space-projects.

Most people dream about all the possibilities what they could do when you are in space, but we develop the components to GET there!

Who are we?

SPL is a small startup company, which was founded in 1998 as a non commercial research institute. Commercial orders were handled through ARO TECHNOLOGIES. Since April 2017 SPL is a registered LLC. Along with the 3 founders, currently 6 people are working as volunteers for SPL.

Our Values

The pioneer spirit of the former generations of Switzerland, made this country to a country, which is known for their precise and sophisticated products. It has as well collected lots of space- or nearspace experiences, for example with the ZENIT sounding rocket.

We believe, that it is worth, to continue with this tradition! We do this with sound, scientific and engineering methods, in an ecofriendly way and for civil purpose.

This is our new web presence and it is still under development, but you can still find the old homepage with lots of info’s about our20 year’s work here!