Here we give you an overview of our facilities and capabilities.

100 kN Test Stand

to come…

Low heat flux facility (LHFF)

Close to the main building, at a separate test location, SPL has a facility to test gas generator chambers, turbines, and in a later phase turbo pumps. The building, named LHFF (Low Heat Flux Facility) has three different cells. In the first section the whole control and measurement equipment is located. The last part contains equipment which is necessary to handle all liquids and gases required for testing.

Test bench for turbo pump turbines

Turbines with a power up to 200 kW and 60‘000 rpm can be tested here. The turbine can be driven by a gas generator.


  • CNC lathe (KERN)
  • Various drills
  • 4 axis CNC mill
  • EDM
  • TIG/MIG, Spot-  and plasma welder
  • various presses, sheet cutters
  • Bending maschines
  • Skilled staff 🙂

Other equipment

  • Scanning electron microscope (Phenom XL)
  • Well equipped electronics laboratory
  • High vacuum chamber
  • Vibration Testing, Brüel & Kjær Shaker
    5-10000 Hz, acceleration max 145 g max displacement 19mm
  • Gas boosters up to 600 bar (8700 PSI)
  • Pressure test equipment for pressures up to 1000 bar (14’500 PSI)
  • Far- and near infrared cameras
  • High speed cameras. 1000 frames/s and 40’000 frames/s
  • 3D printer (FDM) and access to SLM printers