What we do

  • Development, building and testing of liquid and solid rocket engines/motors in the thrust range from 1N (RCS) up to 50kN using environment-friendly propellants
  • Igniters, (cryogenic) valves, propellant pumps, pressurization system (eg. TRIDYNE)
  • Steam/hot water impulse thrusters (up to 100kN) for automotive crash simulation (Side impact simulations)
  • Test equipment to test rocket engines up to 100kN thrust (also 6DOF)
  • State of the art engineering using state of the art CAx tools.
  • Using of new manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing (3D printing) along with our classical CNC machine park

We do that in close cooperation with international partners and universities. User the menu “what we do” to get more information about specific product and activities from SPL.