Partners / Sponsors

Along with various industrial, governmental and educational partners we have a close partnership with the following organizations:

  • ARO TECHNOLOGIES is SPL’s first partner. ARO TECHNOLOGIES provides SPL with a large floor space for research, development and testing and supports SPL with access to their workshops and other infrastructure
  • Australian Space Research Institute ASRI.  SPL was involved in ASRI’s AUSROC 2.5 project. SPL was in charge for the propellant pressurization system.
  • FHNW (University of applied science NW-Switzerland). SPL is conducting several R&D projects with FHNW (University of applied science north-west Switzerland). For more info’s see our publication page and and the SPL news.
  • is Bruno Berger’s (one of the SPL founders) company. Active in the field of mech. engineering, CAD/CAE and IT-security consulting.
  • Swiss Space center.
  • Müller AG. Sponsoring us since many years. Thanks a lot for your support!
  • GAIA Aerospace e.V. Is Germany’s NewSpace Network. They connect and support all space actors with their services