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SPL welcomes Devis Tonon in it’s team

We welcome Devis Tonon as a new team member. He holds a PhD in Applied Physics (Technical University of Eindhoven) and a MSc in Aerospace engineering (Polytechnic University of Turin). He has experience in aeroacoustics, thermoacoustics and fluid dynamics. He will be a great help for us solving the thermoacoustic issues in one of our engines.

10 kN engine at full throttle, modification on test stand

Short summary: The engine ran on Ethanol/LOX, O/F about 1.95, thrust nearly a metric ton and we got a (measured!) ISP of about 232s at a chamber pressure of 21 bar… which is quite a good number! We pushed the chamber pressure further, but ended up with a molten nozzle (for optimizing combustion, short burning times are sufficient… so we only use mild steel nozzles at this state of the tests). More below… Continue reading

SPL meets Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ullrich and Dana Simmet at UZH

Isabell Buttron and Adrian Mettauer, both PR & Marketing of SPL, got the opportunity to visit the research laboratories of UZH’s (University of zurich’s) Division of Space Biotechnology at Zurich-Irchel. There, Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ullrich, Adjunct Professor of Space Biotechnology (UZH/University of Magdeburg) and Dipl.-Biol. Dana Simmet provided an insight into their fascinating zero-g research. Continue reading