Flight of EOS1 (Edge of Space 1)

a high altitude balloon project.

In August 2015 we launched a high altitude (aka stratosphere) balloon. It was not really rocket related but definitively space related. We got some fantastic footage. The probe attached to the balloon was equipped with (inside a Styrofoam box):

– Raspberry PI connected to a small GPS-Module (uBlox), telemetry transmitter (434 MHz) which sends position, sensor data and low-res live pictures to ground stations (Fix and chasing cars) and from there to the internet
– Backup GPS tracker via GSM
– Various sensors (Temp, pressure etc)
– GoPro Camera
– Raspberry cam which sends a live stream via telemetry link to the internet
– Backup position link via GlobalStar satellites (independent of GSM and telemetry downlink)

  • Probe carried by a latex-balloon with 5 m3 Helium
  • Heidi and Peter – two fearless Legonauts – as passengers in their capsule
  • Powered by 2 Lithium powerpacks good for 8h for all devices

Tracking via SDR (Software defined Radio, USB-Dongle and HackRF)

The flight path over Switzerland

Which mountains do you see on the video? Here a panorama view with explanations.

Take a seat and enjoy a ride over Switzerland in 25 km altitude! Local Video in HD (no audio for no apparent reason 🙁 ):

Video on Youtube (not available in every country) and Facebook:

Heidi and Peter recorded a range of view of 392 km: